Create a Recurring Order

Take the hassle out of ordering, have Tummy Gummies delivered to your door on a frequency of your choosing!

Our customers asked if there was a better way to get Tummy Gummies regularly, so we are pleased to say now there is with recurring orders! 

How to create a recurring order

1. Select Flavours

Choose from all our amazing flavours to build the exact order you want

2. Choose Frequency

Select whether you want a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly delivery of Tummy Gummies

3. Sit Back and Relax

Your orders will arrive exactly as you scheduled. Update, pause or cancel at any time.


Some other perks of recurring orders

As we truly appreciate the support of loyal customers, as our little way of saying thanks we will also provide you with samples of different flavours, first access to new flavours that we launch and more.

We also really value the input and advice of our loyal customers, so we’d also love you to help shape the future of Tummy Gummies by becoming part of our brains trust! We will send short survey and questions, and if you have any feedback or ideas we would love to hear from you!

Recurring Order FAQs

Recurring orders are ‘standing’ orders that repeat on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis of your choosing.

As opposed to once-off orders on our store, once you set up a recurring order you don’t have to visit the site to place your next order – our system will trigger payment and we will deliver your order to your door hassle free.

We have started offering recurring orders based on our loyal customers feedback – many of whom are living busy lives and wanted an easier way to get Tummy Gummies regularly.


Absolutely! After your first order you can adjust the details of your recurring order as desired.  

As we make your gummies to order, cut-off time for adjusting recurring orders is by Sunday 11:59pm before your next payment.

Orders will then be produced and be ready for pick-up or delivery on Wednesday.

To adjust the flavours or quantity of your recurring order:

  1. Login with your details to the ‘My Account‘ area and then click on ‘Recurring Orders
  2. Click ‘View’ on your recurring order
  3. Click ‘Adjust recurring order’, you will then be redirected to a screen to select flavours + quantity.
  4. Once adjusted click ‘add to cart’ and then proceed to checkout, at checkout you can also change any other details such as payment or address as needed
  5. Once you complete the checkout, your new recurring order will be visible in your account section

If you’d like to change the frequency of your recurring order (e.g. from weekly to fortnightly, or vice versa), you’ll need to cancel your current recurring order in your my account page, and then simply create a new recurring order selecting your new desired frequency.  

If you have any issues adjusting your order, just reach out to us at and we will help you adjust your order as needed!

Yes! When you are choosing your flavours, you will see there is an option called ‘Mystery Jar’ to choose from. 

Add this to your cart and we will randomly select a flavour for you from our amazing collection!

If you just want a little bit of surprise, try adding a single ‘Mystery Jar’ alongside your other choices.

If you’d like a completely randomised flavour selection for each recurring order, select the mystery jar and then choose the quantity you’d like for your order!

Absolutely! We love to get jars back to wash, sanitise and re-use to reduce environmental impact, so as with normal orders please leave your jars for us on delivery day and we will take them back. Your account will be credited with jar return points that can be used to discount recurring orders.

Currently applying a discount is a manual process but we are looking to have this automated so discounts will be applied on your behalf in the near future.

When you create a recurring order, your card will be first charged very early (around 3AM) on the next Monday.

This is because we sychronise all orders and payments to this time so we can produce your order on Mondays/Tuesdays and deliver to you on Wednesdays. 

Based on the frequency you have chosen, your card will then be charged at the same time for your next billing cycle (e.g. in a week, or a fortnight, or a month) and this cycle will continue until adjusted. 

So for example: if you first created a recurring order on a Wednesday, with a fortnightly frequency – you will receive confirmation that you have created a recurring order straight away, but your card won’t be immediately charged.

Instead your first recurring order would be charged early on the following Monday morning, and we would then deliver your order to you on Wednesday. Your next order would automatically be created and charged on Monday in a fortnights time, with delivery in Wednesday in a fortnight. 

By visiting your account page and clicking ‘Recurring Orders’, you can view when your next recurring order will be charged at any time.

Absolutely – if you are going on holiday or just want to stop your recurring order:

  1. Login with your details to the ‘My Account‘ area and then click on ‘Recurring Orders
  2. Click ‘View’ on your recurring order
  3. Click ‘Put on hold/cancel’ 

Once completed your recurring order will stop.

Please note: Pausing or cancelling your recurring order needs to be made before 11.59 PM Sunday before your next payment cycle otherwise you’ll be charged automatically.

If you want to start your order again, simply visit the same account page and click the button to restart your recurring order (or start fresh designing a new recurring order from the shop section).

If you have any issues pausing or cancelling your recurring order, just reach out to us at and we will help you.