Product FAQs

Tummy Gummies are yummy snacks that are good for you, they are made with all natural ingredients. They are great as healthy snacks for both adults and kids, and go great in lunchboxes, in between meals, and after dinner!

One of the core ingredients in Tummy Gummies is a high quality Australian pasture-raised gelatin, which is a natural product that is known to help with gut and digestive health, maintaining strong bones and tendons, improving skin, nails and hair health and may even help improve sleep. You can learn more about gelatin here. 

We then use high quality ingredients to create delicious flavours that are fun and satisfy cravings, including locally sourced fruits, organic coconut cream, biodynamic honey and more.

Finally, we add kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) or organic coconut yoghurt in our regular gummies. These contain friendly bacteria that help support gut health and immune function.

Tummy Gummies contain no gluten, dairy, refined sugar or preservatives.

The creaminess in our ‘Creamy’ Tummy Gummies flavours (e.g. ‘Creamy Mango’, ‘Creamy Chocolate’) comes from organic coconut cream, so are suitable for those with a dairy intolerance. 

Tummy Gummies also contain no refined sugar (so are good for those looking to cut down/avoid refined sugar),  and our gummies are also preservatives and additives free. 

Our customers have described Tummy Gummies as having a firm but slightly ‘jelly’ like texture – when biting into them you’ll first notice the amazing flavours, and also some ‘bounce’ that comes from the gelatin.

Some people are surprised by the initial texture on their first bite, but most quickly come to love the flavours and texture and become hooked on them.

For some people that really don’t like the texture of anything resembling jelly, Tummy Gummies may not be for them, but there is only one way to find out!

So give them a try, you might even be surprised by how much you, your family and friends like them!

Yes, Tummy Gummies need to be kept refrigerated to maintain their shape, texture, and quality.

Gelatin (which is a key ingredient) will soften or melt when out of the fridge, and the probotics added to our gummies need to be kept chilled.

Plus, they’re at their best when eaten still chilled! 

Tummy Gummies jars come sealed – when still sealed, they will last 10-14 days (but please see the best before date on the labels).

Once opened, we recommend you consume them within 5-7 days.

If you’re not used to products containing probiotics or gelatin (or you have existing gut issues), we recommend you start with 1 or 2 a day at first, then you can build up as you go along. 

For most people though, 3-5 a day is typical and there is no real limit (our team regularly eats dozens per day when testing!). 

Tummy Gummies are a healthy snack alternative so it’s a good treat to have when you are feeling snacky or peckish! They’re made with all natural and mostly organic ingredients, have NO refined sugar and no nasties, so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

Tummy Gummies are shaped like semi-spheres of roughly 3.5cm across, and are designed to be the perfect size for snacking. 
They come packed in glass jars containing 12 gummies, which are sealed for freshness (and should make a satisfying ‘pop’ when you open them!). 
We have chosen glass jars as they contain no plastic, and are either easily recycled or preferably returned to us to be sanitised and re-used again. 
For more information on returning our packaging, please see our online order details page