Our Story & Values

Tummy Gummies started with a simple goal of creating yummy snacks that are actually good for you and your family's health.

The Mother and Daughter Team

Tummy Gummies was started by Elaine and Steph Varipatis – a mother and daughter duo from Sydney’s Lower North Shore who are very different from one another (some would say like chalk and cheese), but who both share a love for good food, healthy living and yummy snacks.


Elaine – the Creator

Elaine spent over 18 years in the fitness industry running a successful Pilates studio and had led a healthy lifestyle for her and her family. She did, however, have a long history of digestive issues which were impacting her quality of life, and this led her down a path of researching gut health.

Elaine spent years searching and experimenting with snacks that would suit and help her sensitive tummy, often finding them healthy but uninspiring, and certainly not fun enough to make her want to come back for more – let alone to get her family or friends excited.

After a few short weeks she would often lose interest in them and be in search of the next thing.  

This all changed when she started to make gelatin gummies with real fruits and probiotics, which she soon found that she was hooked on. 

Steph – the Taste Tester

Steph had gone through every taste testing of her mum’s healthy creations over the years without much excitement, but then came gelatin gummies…

Steph never had gut issues. She was interested in healthy eating, but also had a sweet tooth.

With these new gelatin gummies she was no longer craving her regular post-dinner snacks and chocolates, and that’s when she started to realise that her Mum had finally created something that was not only gut friendly, but had wider health benefits and more importantly, was super yummy!

Tummy Gummies is born

After watching her mum making endless gummies for friends and family who couldn’t get enough of them,
over dinner one night she said to her mum “Let’s do this mum, people will love these!”

With more people than ever being time poor and needing healthier options to improve their gut health and overall health, Steph and Elaine feel it is important to share their creation with others. 

Our Values

These are our values, and we keep them in mind every time we make Tummy Gummies.

Hover over a value to see how we put it into action.


What we put into our bodies should be truly good for us, supporting our health and wellbeing​
High quality grass-fed gelatin to assist gut and digestive health, natural probiotics to aid gut and immune function


Food should taste delicious, using interesting flavours that excite our tastebuds​
Matcha, Chai, Cocoa, Coconut or just amazing fruits...we are constantly on the lookout for incredible natural flavour combinations


Food should be an experience to enjoy, that we can share with family & friends​
Tummy Gummies look as good as they taste! Fun colours and flavours to mix and match, enjoy alone or with friends and family


Only the very best natural ingredients should be used. We don't compromise on quality​
We continually search for and source the very best ingredients, no exceptions - ever

All Natural

No additives, preservatives or chemicals. We shouldn't need a chemistry degree to read labels ​
Only natural ingredients in Tummy Gummies - absolutely no nasties


We have a responsibility to care for the environment and to make sure our supply chain is ethical
We take back and re-use our glass jars, we recycle materials from our suppliers, use carbon offset energy and we only source from highly ethical suppliers.

If you are someone looking for yummy snacks that are good for you and your family, Steph and Elaine would love to share their creation with you!