Gummies made with pasture-raised gelatin and real ingredients

For Happy Healthy Snacking

No Refined Sugar, Preservatives or Additives

At Tummy Gummies, we take our snacks seriously. And having spent 20-plus years working in fitness, we’re all for good clean eating that’s kind to sensitive tummies.

But we also love our sweets. Enter Tummy Gummies, a collection of all-natural gummies made with pasture-raised gelatin and real ingredients. Think real fruit, ground spices, organic coconut milk, Australian honey and a just-right balance of fruity sweetness.

Invite a little joyful snacking into your day with Tummy Gummies.



We use yummy combinations of high-quality natural ingredients because they taste and feel better.

We don’t use any artificial additives, preservatives or chemicals.


We have a responsibility to care or the environment, and make sure our supply chain is ethical at every step.


Food should be a joyous and shareable experience, which is why our multicoloured Tummy Gummies look as delightful as they taste.


Our products are formulated to support complex health goals, whether it’s to reduce allergens, optimise gut health or cut down on sugar.

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How to Enjoy Tummy Gummies

Tummy Gummies are the perfect snack for both adults and kids.
They go great in lunchboxes, in between meals, and after dinner!

1 - Choose your favourite flavours​

Tummy Gummies come in a variety of amazing fruity and creamy flavours – there’s a flavour for every person and every mood!

2 - Snack or nibble on gummies​

Have one, two, a handful or as many as you want each day. Look to replace sweets and other unhealthy snacks with our gummies.

3 - Enjoy them guilt-free, and feel good!

You’re taking a positive step towards improving your gut and overall health by eating Tummy Gummies. Share with family and friends who could also benefit from healthy alternatives.